Elizabeth + Russel

One of my favorite San Francisco pairings is a ceremony at City Hall and intimate reception at the Wayfare Tavern. You can't beat the light on the 4th floor North Gallery in City Hall. The warm sun that hits the Wayfare Tavern in the afternoon is a close second. Photographing this sweet and stylish couple was such a treat!



"There is no sun without shadow, and it is essential to know the night" - Albert Camus

Earlier this month I connected with master weaver, Cara DeHeart of Seaweaver and knitwear designer, Charlotte Hess of Isobel & Cleo in hopes of putting together a personal project. I can't thank them enough for trusting my vision, especially when the temperature dropped. When life fills up, it can often be difficult to make time for personal work. Feeling thankful that we were able to make it happen.


004404-R1-E007 Has it really been since last November that I blogged? Life has been full. I've been busy shooting and getting to know our little Olive. Born on a Sunday afternoon in January, she has made our hearts glow ever since. The above photo was taken by my husband, Michael, while we explored Land's End. More photos to come.

Pacific Northwest and British Columbia

Untitled-2 A little over a month ago, Mike and I took off for the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia. As I pour through the images, I can't help but smile. It was one of the most relaxing trips we have ever taken. Waking up in a treehouse, enveloped in moss and bird calls, set the tone for the rest of the day. One of our favorite pit stops was North Bend, where parts of Twin Peaks was filmed. Oysters, beer, and latte's happened everyday. When can we go back?

Destination Bakery

In the months leading up to wedding season, I try my best to sneak into the darkroom. This photo is a small part of a continuing personal project, Portrait of Glen Park. By the end of March, I plan to have a body of work that shows what this beautiful and hard working community is all about. This was shot at one of my favorite spots, Destination Baking Company. I can't wait to pop back in again for my favorite, the ham and cheese croissant.